John Hamish Watson

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. Three years in Afghanistan, a veteran of Kandahar, Helmand.
Hello I am Doctor John Watson, formerly of Her Majesties Services, and now work with one Sherlock Holmes. I also run my own surgery on the side when we are not taking on cases. I am Sherlock's Partner and I blog about our cases to sum it up neatly.
(Pick your John with Care! There are three John Muses here, but you can make requests for anything specific. Mun is of age)
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Sherlock season 3 behind the scenes - part 1/3

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Molly was furious to hear Sherlock had been experimenting on animal parts. She’d planned to have a talk to Sherlock about that later. She understood why John wouldn’t want to do that to him. Someone like Sherlock wasn’t quick to dole out any affections. Plus, while she didn’t want to admit it, part of her would be jealous. Even if it were just for a job. 

She nodded at his offer of dinner. “Sure, I’m already on my way there. She’d agreed to watch Sammy for me. She insisted, actually. Since we’re dating, she wanted to get to know my son better. I swear I’d think she were your mother if I didn’t know different. Always looking out for the two of you.” She nodded towards Sherlock as well. “Is their room in the cab for me, or should I catch the next one?”

John looked into the cab, so Sherlock who scooted over with a roll of his eyes before looking back to Molly with a small smile. “You can come with us, no need to waste money on another cab when we can all take one together.” He slid in next to Sherlock after, sitting between him and Molly when she finally joined them. 

All in and the door closed, he gave the cabby the flat’s address, letting his hand slide into the younger woman’s as he spoke to Sherlock, asking what he had managed to clean up after the last experiment. The consulting detective spoke of his finds for John, always wanting to wow the older man, who couldn’t help but smile and shake his head before telling him he had managed to clean up the last of his experiment, having finished finding the information he needed and would be moving on to another round of different experiments.

All the while Sherlock spoke the doctor let his thumb rub the back of Molly’s hand, bringing it up to his hand to kiss the back after Sherlock finished, now that they had finally arrived at the flat. They all piled out and Sherlock shot into 221 Bakerstreet while John paid the cabby. “He’s not always so bad. I mean, remember some of the things the boss would do.” He murmured to Molly making sure his lips couldn’t be read, and only she could head the second half.

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I’ve reached 400 followers sometime ago and now I am going to do my giveaway. I’m not sure if anyone would want to have my art as a prize but I thought…why the hell not? XD I wasgoing to give real items away, but at least this way, I get to draw a few things…^_^

So now onto the rules:

  1. RP blogs only…reason is that I will be drawing the muses of the winners.
  2. Must be following me. Do not unfollow once you get your prize. I can’t really stop you from doing so, but I will know who you are and you will be ignored and blocked if this happens.
  3. Reblogs only. Likes are nice, but I will be tracking the reblogs.
  4. I don’t care if someone reblogs this several times…they just won’t be winning multiple prizes. One unique winner per prize…^_^
  5. This will end at 11:59:59 pm Mountain Time (-7 GMT) on May 4, 2014.
  6. If there are more than 20 reblogs (yeah, right) there will be at least 5 runner-ups. There may be more than 5 if there are a lot of reblogs. ^_^

So, now onto the prizes of the giveaway:

  • First Place winner- A full digital colored drawing of the muse (full body) in at least a printable size, at least at 200 DPI. Also, a one month daily promo of the winner’s blog.
  • Second Place winner(s)- A full digital colored drawing of the muse (head shot) in at least a printable size, at least at 200 DPI, Also a two week daily promo of the winner’s blog.
  • Third Place winner(s)- Depending on the amount of reblogs, there may be more than one winner of this prize. A black and white digital sketch of the muse. Also a one week daily promo of the winner’s blog.
  • Runner-up(s)- A lineart sketch of the muse. There may be at least five runner-ups, depending on the amount of reblogs.

There are examples of what I can do here and I hope that people will like then as prizes…^_^

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"I didn't actually think you'd do it."




"Oh god, John!"

She had just been looking at it. She had been told the safety was on, and it shouldn’t have been loaded. Of course, that wasn’t true and now she was hurrying to his side. Thankfully it wasn’t a horrible wound, but she was still completely panicking.

"I’ll call an ambulance, just stay still!"

It was hard for her to relax, even though John was telling her to do so. How could anyone be calm after accidentally shooting a friend? She watched the medic as he had washed her hands free of John’s blood, and she had glanced toward the other man, trying to listen to what he was saying. She had never shot a gun before and the fact that John had been the person she shot.. well, she was sure she wouldn’t sleep well for a bit.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Molly was sitting alone in the corridor, waiting.. well, she wasn’t sure what she was waiting for, but she just couldn’t bring herself to move at that moment. As Lestrade and Sherlock arrived, she looked up at them, her eyes a bit red and still wet from fresh tears but she managed to smile and tried to explain what had happened. Seeing John come over, she tensed slightly.

"I’m okay," she lied, nodding and trying to smile again as she brought her hands up to wipe her cheeks and right under her eyes. "I’ll be okay. It’s fine.. it’s not about me, it’s about you."

John sighed as Molly lied and leaned back into the wheelchair, rubbing his face tiredly, unsure how to assure her that he wasn’t actually mad at her.  ”Molly, this isn’t exactly the first time I’ve been shot, and it will likely happen again. So you really don’t need to worry.” He reached down, pushing the wheels to move closer to the small group of friends, though it pained him slightly doing so.

He would survive. “Now, I  know you’re not okay, no one is okay after they’ve fired a gun for the first time and hit someone. Friend or foe, they’re never okay. So, look at me.” He gave her a small smile when their eyes finally met, reaching out to pat her knee, Greg and Sherlock staying quiet thankfully. “Yes you shot me, and it was by accident. I understand that, and I forgive you. Now, I’ll be fine, so we get to focus on you, until you are actually alright. Not pretending to be.”

The doctor gave her knee a gentle squeeze before continuing to talk. “It’s okay to be strong, and it’s also okay to sometimes let go. And you can with us.”

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221B Baker Street is so important.

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Sherlock being annoying until he gets a kiss.


Sherlock being annoying until he gets a kiss.

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You have missed this. Admit it.

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What I should be doing:

What I’m actually doing:

Good job me.

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