John Hamish Watson

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. Three years in Afghanistan, a veteran of Kandahar, Helmand.
Hello I am Doctor John Watson, formerly of Her Majesties Services, and now work with one Sherlock Holmes. I also run my own surgery on the side when we are not taking on cases. I am Sherlock's Partner and I blog about our cases to sum it up neatly.
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Laid on the sofa with his eyes closed, Sherlock hadn’t noticed John approaching. In fact, the detective had been so deep in thought that he didn’t notice the first button on his shirt pop open, nor the second. But as he felt the third button pop open, Sherlock grabbed John by the wrist, looking up at him. “What are you doing? You don’t want this.” 

As John busied himself in the kitchen, Sherlock ran his fingers over the arm of the chair, desperately trying to ground himself. He watched as John leant against the frame, a lump catching in his throat as he nodded, fearing whatever John had to say. 

Taking his tea almost cautiously from John, he frowned, taking in his words in confusion. “I… erm… what?” He blinked, the cup hovering halfway to his lips. “I don’t understand.” 

"Sherlock it’s just that… you act strange whenever I make any attempt past anything really. You shun my very touch and you say I do not want you, when the exact opposite is what is obvious." John sighed, looking away for a moment before looking back to the younger man. "You are brilliant and you’ve saved me in so many ways, and  I owe you so much…"

The doctor trailed off, shaking his head as he picked back up his mug of tea, drinking from it before turning around. “Nevermind, you don’t trust me anymore.” He murmured, heading back into the kitchen to lean against a counter, out of view, he didn’t have the energy to be angry.

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The Piano Man//Closed with john-watson-rp, Human!Doctor


"I was very glad to finally be able to live in one place for a while and not have to move." Theta admitted with a shrug as he looked around their surroundings. He listened to John silently, his complete attention on the doctor as he spoke.

"Welcome home, then." Theta said as they entered the park. "If you don’t mind me asking, what made you join the military?" Theta inquired. He didn’t want to push John and make the man regret talking with him or anything like that. All Theta wanted to do was to help John, nothing more. 

"Staying in one place is nice, you can rest, put down your boots and hang your helmet." John murmured, never quite leaving the military sense of mind, though it was far to soon to see if he would stay that way or not. He looked around as they entered the park listening to Theta and looking down then at the man.

"Thanks." He murmured, looking out as he obviously thought over his answer. "Why did I join, hmm.. I suppose it was because I wanted to fight for queen and country, to defend those that couldn’t defend themselves. I was a surgeon and I wanted to go to the war I guess you could say." He gripped his cane, his grip having been light while he talked but his focus on it returning. "Though eventually the war didn’t exactly want me."

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"O-oh… I suppose with what we’ve done already, that’s a given?"

Ry’s eyes fluttered and then closed when he felt the gentle kiss, which he returned just as gently. When he finally pulled away a few moments later, his cheeks still had a pink hue to them. “Maybe you need glasses… I don’t think I’m gorgeous,” the archangel whispered.

"Mm, I have reading glasses, but no love, you are gorgeous, truly handsome." John murmured, holding Ry to himself as swaying with the man. "I can lend you mine if you want? Maybe you’ll see what I see. I gorgeous young man, confident in his work, who I wish could see just how beautiful he is."

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"I know! Mattress Mambo Master!"



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"Ry love, have you been in the honey? You seem a bit tipsy."

Ry pouted a little but then bit his bottom lip when John kissed his cheek and hugged him. Despite not quite sober at the moment, he felt the warmth coming from the doctor and hugged him back before the other had taken a sip from his wine. He had blushed slightly from the words and then sighed at the declaration that there was honey in the wine. “Oh… well then… I s’pose that no more drinks from that bar guy then?” It was becoming evident that he had drank more than was originally thought when his words began to slur slightly.


"No, I would say no more drinks from the man at the bar, who I will be having words with. How many did he give you?" He set the bottle quickly aside, paying in no mind as he stepped forward to grasp Ry’s shoulders, tilting his head as his eyes met the younger man’s. "Love, let’s get you home, alright? You should get some water, maybe something for your allergies and then bed." The doctor moved then, slipping his arm around Dimmock’s waist and turning them towards the door, waiting for the man to agree before he did anything else. 

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"Ry.." John murmured softly stepping up to the younger man, looking him up and down taking in the suit he was wearing. It was much nicer than the ones he wore normally and hugged his figure without looking bad in the least. "You look gorgeous." The doctor leaned in, kissing Ry softly, hand going up to cup his cheek.

Despite the time they have already spent together now, Ry still couldn’t help but blush at John’s compliment. He still had a hard time accepting them due to low self-esteem issues. “I… thank you,” he whispered as he leaned into the touch on his cheek. “My cousin sent me the suit.”

"Very nice of him." John murmured, kissing Ry’s cheek. "You look stunning Ryan, truly." He spoke softly, rarely using Ry’s name unless he wanted the man to listen for sure to what he was saying. He meant every word, and he wanted the younger man to know that. "Now you’re all dressed up with no-where to go. Did you want to go out?" 

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"He/she got sent to the principal's office--again."



"Again?" John sighed shaking his head as he walked over to the other man, mugs of tea in hand. "What for this time?" He asked, offering up the second mug.

The Doctor nodded in agreement with a heavy sigh. “She’s in her room now.” The Doctor replied. “I wasn’t sure how we wanted to deal with this so…i figured we would talk before doing anything. What are we going to do with her?”

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John felt more than saw as the Doctor leaned against him, humming quietly to himself as he read through his book, thinking the Timelord was just cuddling in a way. However when he finally looked over he noticed that the other man was asleep, and he couldn’t help but chuckle softly, setting aside his book. “Managed to fall asleep Doctor?” He murmured, shifting and, after a moment of trouble, picking the man up. The soldier took the taller man to his room, laying him down and sitting next to him after he’d de-shoed the man and took off his coat, making sure to, of course, tuck the tired man in. He was probably tired from their long day, which, didn’t surprise John in the least. 

"Nah…I’m alright. I don’t need much sleep anyways." He replied just as he yawned. The Doctor looked up at John with a sheepish grin. So maybe he was still a little tired. "And I put sleep off because there are so many more important things to do." He added as he snuggled against John. He took John’s hand and gently kissed it, squeezing it. The Time Lord looked up at John and beckoned him to lean down towards him. 

John snorted, shaking his head at the Doctor, unable to help the small smile on his face. “You and Sherlock both.” He chuckled squeezing the other man’s hand back. He then leaned down to kiss the Timelord slowly, free hand moving to tangle in the man’s hair as they lay there. He pulled away from the kiss after a moment, smiling at the Doctor and not pulling away from him. “It’s okay to sleep a bit more.”

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Please preface questions with “Truth”


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Sherlock’s second Autumn was an enthusiastic one


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