John Hamish Watson

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. Three years in Afghanistan, a veteran of Kandahar, Helmand.
Hello I am Doctor John Watson, formerly of Her Majesties Services, and now work with one Sherlock Holmes. I also run my own surgery on the side when we are not taking on cases. I am Sherlock's Partner and I blog about our cases to sum it up neatly.
(Pick your John with Care! There are three John Muses here, but you can make requests for anything specific. Mun is of age)
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the starry sky on the himalayas




the starry sky on the himalayas


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"I didn't actually think you'd do it."




"Oh god, John!"

She had just been looking at it. She had been told the safety was on, and it shouldn’t have been loaded. Of course, that wasn’t true and now she was hurrying to his side. Thankfully it wasn’t a horrible wound, but she was still completely panicking.

"I’ll call an ambulance, just stay still!"

He was a doctor, that’s how he managed to be so calm, but then again, so was she and yet she found herself unable to take a single calming breath. What if John hated her after this? What if he never wanted to see her again because she had accidentally put a bullet through him? Something told her that wouldn’t happen but she couldn’t help but think that way.

"Right now? You want me to deal with the gun now?" she asked, before moving over and looking at the weapon closely, turning it away from both of them just in case, then flipped the safety on. She returned immediately and placed her hands back on the wounds until the ambulance came. John asking her to ride with him wasn’t something she expected but she did so and sat there, allowing the paramedics to take care of him.

Molly nodded a bit to what he said and looked down toward her hands, some of his blood caked over them.

John nodded to a EMT and then to Molly, the man leaning down to listen to the doctor before nodding and moving over to Molly, he put a shock blanket around her and gently cleaned the older man’s blood off her hands before pulling away, making sure the blogged was hooked up to a drip. “Molly, don’t worry. It’s not like this is the first, or probably even, the last time I’ve been shot.”

John sighed, closing his eyes a moment and resting back in the cot, hands at his sides. It was a weight off probably both their chests that they could relax and just let him be taken care of. Soon they arrived at the hospital and they were separated a moment, Lestrade meeting them there, Sherlock in tow as he moved to check on Molly and talk to her, the consulting detective conferring quietly with his best friend, but then John was taken away and only returned, in a wheel chair, after they had finished stitching him up, a drip still attached as they didn’t trust him not to reopen it or walk around.

He managed to find the group, taken there by a nurse before he was left with them, being told a room was being made ready for him. “They wan’t me to stay a night, but I’m going to be fine. Are you alright Molly?” 

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Hypothermia thing- Molly squeaks at John's state and rushes off to find blankets, a heater, and anything slightly warm. She returns with them, and sets them down beside him. "What happened?" //Mun is aware we've never spoken, but I'm 'taking a risk' as people have told me to do. Sorry to bother you!



What would your character do to help raise my character’s temperature if my character had hypothermia?

John shuddered as he stood before Molly, completely drenched and halfway frozen. “Y-you don’t w-want to know.” He managed to stutter, peeling off his coat and then shirt with fingers that barely moved. “D-Do you have c-clothes I c-could b-borrow.” His stuttering was getting worse, but he knew he had to remove the drenched clothes or else things would get worse. “H-hot bath?” The doctor’s mind was becoming fogged as he tried to remember everything he could do to try and warm up by himself.

Molly weighed her options and,with a sigh, pushed the door open. “I’ll just stand by the sink.” She mumbled, barely looking up and walking over. When she did catch a glimpse of him she flinched at the state he was in. “I can make soup maybe some tea?”

John shifted lower into the water, unable to control a larger shudder that ran through him. He was still shaking, unable to stop himself from doing so until his body had warmed up enough. He turned to look at Molly then, adjusting his leg so that he was blocked from the younger woman’s sight. “Those would be fantastic.” He murmured, leaning his head on the side of the tub as he shook, tired and wishing he could warm up faster. “Thank… Thank you Molly. Really. You didn’t have to do this but you did, so thank you.” The doctor managed to speak legibly, albeit slowly as he mad his words out correctly, without mumbling, slurring or stuttering. 

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Martin talks about getting young people into theatre… (x)

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"What kind of experiments has he been running?" Molly asked and shook her head. "I really hope it doesn’t come to you dating him.. or shagging him. God I can’t even picture the man having intercourse." She shook her head to stop it from trying to make a mental picture of it. The fire Sherlock set was enough to bring her back to the real world. 

She was livid. She scolded him while John took care of the body. Reminded him that he was in HER morgue and that he’d had no right to tamper with the body regardless of his experiment. The day seemed to drag on, but at least she’d been given a justifiable reason to be thoroughly annoyed with Sherlock. She was only too glad to clock out for the day. 

"Did we have any plans for the evening?"

"Animals. Some where involved in a case of ours and he felt like he didn’t have enough data on them currently, so he wanted more. Most of them are dead, but there are some live ones. He’s been banned by me from doing anything too cruel. Because John has his limits." He chuckled before looking to Molly seriously. "You and me both, but we both know Jim. And he will do anything to ‘win’ as he puts it. Even if it means getting me together with Sherlock." John sighed, rubbing his face. "To be honest, I think he’s Demi-sexual, which is why it isn’t surprising he thinks, or has made himself Asexual. I would rather not do that to the boy." Speaking of boy, he put out the fire while Molly yelled at him, holding back a chuckle.

They both had a slight soft spot for him, he had a thing, like Jim, of worming a way into you, whether you liked it or not. But, they still worked for Jim, first and foremost, maybe the man would sway Sherlock to their side, if not, well. One day John might be putting a bullet in the man’s head.

He came to as Sherlock sulked, cleaning up his mess for once, probably gathering data, before he moved to another body, not doing anything too terrible to this next one. Then Molly was speaking to him as they were leaving and he smiled, gently taking her hand in his own. “No, but would you like to join us at the flat? I promised Mrs. Hudson a nice, big dinner for us and maybe some guests?” John offered on the end, leaving an opening for both her and Sammy to come. “Sherlock here has even managed to clean up the flat. I think Mrs. Hudson had a hand in that.” He chuckled, motioning to Sherlock when he spoke about the consulting detective, who was climbing into a cab behind the shorter man, obviously waiting for him, as the doctor waited for Molly to answer, tempted to kiss her just because he could. 

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