John Hamish Watson

Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fusiliers. Three years in Afghanistan, a veteran of Kandahar, Helmand.
Hello I am Doctor John Watson, formerly of Her Majesties Services, and now work with one Sherlock Holmes. I also run my own surgery on the side when we are not taking on cases. I am Sherlock's Partner and I blog about our cases to sum it up neatly.
(Pick your John with Care! There are three John Muses here, but you can make requests for anything specific. Mun is of age)
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"Bugger off mate. I wouldn’t take that challenge if only ‘cause I’d blow your mind, and that’d be no fun at all. I’ve got the better rep where it counts and we both know it," he told him, fiery attitude flaring as he grinned at John predatorily.

"Blow my mind? Is that so?" John raised an eyebrow as he spoke, unable to help the smile practically plastered to his face. "I don’t believe you’ve managed to blow my mind yet. Have you been holding out on me tiger?" The doctor winked, a small chuckle escaping him as he looked at the other man.

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"So take a couple days off. Really off, as in get out of bloody town off," he offered, enjoying the small smile that had appeared since he’d started joshing John about his job. "Shove it, Doctor Watson. I don’t need your false compliments," he grinned as he rolled his eyes. "I just keep a watchful eye on ya, for old times’ sake. There’s a lot of nutters out there, mate."

"Out of town? I don’t know, I’ve more than work at the clinic to contend with now a days." John shrugged, smiling softly as he leaned back some. "False compliments? Come now Sebastian, no need to be humble." The doctor snorted, reaching forward to put a friendly hand on Moran’s shoulder, a warm comfort. "There are a lot of nutters, though I thought I did pretty well defending myself. But thank you for having my back. You’ve work near here?" 

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"Sherlock?" John chuckled, sitting still as the taller man reached over to slide a flower into his hair. "Feeling decorative?" He asked, pointing to the flower now adorning his hair, but not removing it. "Or experiment?" 

"Oh shut up, John." There was no bite on Sherlock’s words though as he was smiling altogether. "That would be my last and I won’t joke again. Still, Jame Bond is.—" he only made a noise about it.

"I rather like someone who’s clean shaven, brave and caring but not afraid to call out on me at times. Someone like you." He found himself grinning as he settled himself with John’s embrace. Before he started to pay attention to the movie again.

John smiled up at Sherlock as he spoke, unable to help the fond look on his face as he watched his lover. “Clean shaven huh? I’ll have to remember that.” He murmured, kissing Sherlock’s jaw softly before he too turned to pay attention to the movie only moving when he heard the doorbell ring, signalling the arrival of their food. He sat up with a grunt, not having wanted to leave Sherlock’s embrace by that point but knowing he needed to anyway.

"I’ll be right back. See if you can get some trays?" The blogger asked as he stood, pausing the movie when he did. He moved to grab his wallet, hopping Sherlock would grab the TV trays while he paid the delivery man, who thanked him for his tip and left quickly, leaving John to move quietly up the stairs bringing in the bags and showing them to Sherlock with a small smile. "Dinner."

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John jumped a little as Sebastian’s arms wound around his waist before settling against him. “What’s got you all affectionate?” John murmured, not willing to admit the taller man had managed to surprise him, even though the jump had been very evident. It was what he got, he supposed, for spacing out.

"I know what I’m at, Johnny boy, and I’m damn good at it," he grinned, wrapping his legs around his waist once more after John pulled the lube from his pocket. “‘s cold," he muttered, arching as John’s fingers dipped inside of him, aggressively thrusting in and out of him. He moaned quietly, hand tight around John’s waist to keep him close, not letting him further than absolutely necessary. "C’mon, pot callin’ th’ kettle black, y’bugger. Get a move on, Watson!" 

John snorted, adding a second finger to stretch Sebastian after the man spoke, rolling his eyes even as he began scissoring the digits. “I’m working on it, but as a doctor, I would really rather not tear something on you.” John answered, pushing his fingers in to find that bundle of nerves before stroking Moran’s prostate with a grin. “And it’s not cold you baby.” The doctor chuckled, leaning down to kiss up the taller man’s chest, as he added a third finger.

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You saved me, let me save you. [Closed rp] John-Watson-Rp & Khantbreathe


A deep noise escaped Khans throat when John pulled at his hair to expose his neck and the Augment swallowed thickly, could feel pleasure rippling through his body when small lips kissed and sucked on his skin, creating a hickey here and there. Khan loved it when his hair was pulled like that, he could melt into a puddle of kittens if it was done in the right way, a weak spot, maybe John would find out soon. He also loved it when someone marked him as his own, when John did it - he was John’s, if Khan belonged to someone then it was John Watson.

Then, his shirt was removed and they kissed again, deeply and passionate with tongue and a lot of saliva, and Khan loved it that way. It was hot and intimate, and a groan escaped his lips when he now tugged at Johns shirt to somehow remove it - sadly they had to break the kiss for it again but it was worth it, because now they both were naked on the upper half, and yes, this was enjoyable.

Mine… Khan was his, completely his and he was the other man’s, in body heart and soul. John groaned into the kiss, his arms moving up to rest on the other man’s shoulders, his hands tempted to tangle in Khan’s hair but not. He sighed  when Khan pulled away from the kiss, shift his body up some to help when the other man pulled off his shirt, arms going around the other augment and pulling him against him, craving the skin contact of the other’s chest against his own, and god was it heavenly.

"Khan…" The doctor sighed softly, shifting the other man and then rolling his hips, brushing their lengths together inwardly cursing their trousers and pants, wanting them to be gone now. "Trousers…" He murmured, his lips brushing against the raven haired man’s in an imitation of a kiss, hands trailing down to splay at the base of his captain’s back, fingertips stopping right at the top of his trousers before he kissed him again.

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Martin’s comment on winning such a pretty pointy statue.


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